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A Conversation with Gwen Norman, RCSL's Newly Promoted Associate Director

A Conversation with Gwen Norman, RCSL's Newly Promoted Associate Director

3 April 2024

Congratulations on your recent promotion! What position did you get promoted to and what are your new responsibilities?

I've transitioned from Senior Manager to Associate Director within the company. Despite the shift in title, my core responsibilities remain largely unchanged. At RCSL, we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to client engagement, and I continue to enjoy actively participating in client matters.

This promotion has brought additional duties, particularly in internally focused areas such as contributing to Redwood's future and growth strategy. I'm now more involved in leadership team discussions and business development initiatives, which adds a new dimension to my role.

Can you walk us through your career journey leading up to this point?

After completing my degree at the University of Bristol, I spent four and a half years working in the corporate secretarial team at a local fund administration company. Following that, I worked in the private equity sector for a year.


I had plans to relocate to London at one point, but a temporary stint with Tom and the team at RCSL changed my trajectory. Starting as a contractor, I found myself drawn to the company's culture and decided to stay. Eventually, RCSL offered me a permanent role, aligning with my decision to remain in Guernsey.

What skills and competencies do you believe played a role in securing this promotion?

Effective management, a willingness to learn and develop professionally, increased exposure to business development, and active involvement in critical decision-making processes have all played significant roles.

How do you think Redwood's company culture has contributed to your growth?

The company values each individual's unique qualities and perspectives, fostering an environment where there's no pressure to conform to a particular mould. This inclusivity extends to high-level discussions and decision-making, where all staff members, regardless of their position, are encouraged to contribute their opinions. The company has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and grow in areas where I previously lacked confidence.

What's next for you at Redwood Co Sec?

My focus remains on advancing both personally and professionally, building and nurturing business relationships, supporting the growth of my colleagues, and contributing to the continued success and expansion of RCSL as a business. I'm excited about the journey ahead!

Gwen Norman’s recent promotion from Senior Manager to Associate Director highlights her expertise and dedication to her work at Redwood Co Sec (“RCSL”). As she settles into her new role, Gwen shares her scope of responsibilities, her career journey and how Redwood’s company culture has shaped her growth.

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