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Cara-Leah McKay

Operations Administrator

Cara is an enthusiastic events and marketing professional with a background in the financial services industry. A History and Business & Management graduate from Bath Spa University, she currently serves as a Marketing Executive for a top financial firm in the Crown Dependencies.

Starting her career as an Assistant Analyst at an international stock exchange authority, Cara found her passion for event management and transitioned to an Events Executive role at a finance organization. Her dedication led to a promotion to Senior Events Executive, where she managed budgets and created event sponsorship packages.

Now excelling as a Marketing Executive, Cara manages client-related events, sponsorships, and partnerships across the Crown Dependencies. Her diverse skill set includes time management, communication, and attention to detail, making her adept at navigating the dynamic world of events and marketing.

Cara earned a Merit for her online Event Management Diploma from The Event Academy and is proficient in Microsoft Office Packages and ClickDimensions. In her free time, she enjoys ballet, tap, modern dance, reading, yoga, and traveling. With her experience, dedication, and diverse skill set, Cara is an invaluable asset to any team.

Cara-Leah McKay
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