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Safyan Khan

Senior Consultant

Safyan is a seasoned Anti-Money Laundering (AML) specialist in the banking field, distinguished by a deep commitment to customer service. He is adept at developing, implementing, and managing AML policies and procedures. Noted for his excellent problem-solving capabilities, particularly under pressure, he excels in oral and written communication. He thrives in team environments, offering meticulous attention to detail and the ability to organize tasks efficiently in a process-centric setting. His understanding of global financial market trends and trade behaviors is significant.

Safyan's key competencies encompass Mathematical Modelling, AML Research and Analysis, Gap Analysis, Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Financial Analysis, Data Gathering and Analysis, Customer Service, Cryptocurrency, Market Abuse, Lexis Nexis (Adverse Press Checks), Decision Navigator, and Fund Transactions.

Previously, Safyan has held various positions including KYC Supervisor, AML Team Lead and Quality Checker, AML Remediation Specialist, AML Business Specialist, Compliance Officer, and Customer Due Diligence Officer, providing him with a broad experience base in financial crime prevention and compliance.

Safyan Khan
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