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Co Sec/Governance


Tom Cluett

Managing Director, Co Sec

As Managing Director of Redwood Co Sec, Tom brings a wealth of experience in the finance industry to the company. He joined Redwood in 2018 to launch Redwood Co Sec under the Redwood Group umbrella and since then, he has worked with a diverse range of listed and unlisted funds and corporate private clients.

Tom is highly educated in his respective field, holding a Master of Science Degree in Corporate Governance from Bournemouth University and is a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Governance. Additionally, Tom holds an International Diploma in Financial Administration from the Institute of Administrative Management, a Diploma in Offshore Finance and Administration with the Institute of Corporate Governance and a Certificate in Leadership and Management with the Institute of Leadership & Management.

His previous experience include working as an Administrator for Guernsey-based trust companies, where he was responsible for a diverse portfolio of clients and entities. Tom has also managed a team at a large international administrator, responsible for a multifarious portfolio of private wealth structures. Tom has established himself as a skilled professional with strong knowledge in areas like corporate governance and finance administration.

Tom Cluett
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